Team Members
  • Seimei Matsusaki

    Seimei Matsusaki

    Seimei is an international student who originally comes from Japan and is a MS candidate in Computer Science. Before he attended the University of San Francisco, he went to the University of Maine at Fort Kent, majoring Computer Applications. His programming experience started from when he was a freshman there with VisualBasic. Currently, he is using C, Java, Python, and JavaScript mainly. His major interests are embedded systems, operating systems, distributed systems, web development, and data visualization.
  • Xi Han

    Xi Han

    Xi is also an international student who pursues a Master's degree in Computer Science. He originally comes from China. He is mainly interested in and focuses on data mining and data visualization in several fields using C#, Python and JavaScript. During his intern period, he was working on SQL error comparison visualization in Honeywell (China). In these years, he worked on a security visualization project for DELL, and also a project to visualize experiment data using D3.
  • Sophie Engle

    Sophie Engle

    Dr. Engle is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. She is the Graduate Director for the Masters in Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program, and teachs courses for the Masters in Science in Analytics (MSAN) program. She is the mentor and sponsor of this project.